Team from Veni Vidi Vici to open il Giallo Italian restaurant in Sandy Springs

Diners will be able to watch the kitchen make pasta
Jamie Adams
Jamie Adams

Courtesy of Hilary Harmon

Veterans from the recently-closed Veni Vidi Vici are opening an Italian restaurant called il Giallo at 5920 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs in August. The restaurant’s former executive chef Jamie Adams describes il Giallo as an “authentic Italian concept with emphasis on pasta made fresh in front of everyone during service” and offering new Coastal Italian cuisine. Veni Vidi Vici’s general manager Leonardo Moura will also be on board.

“Closing Veni Vidi Vici was a mutual decision between [Buckhead Life founder] Pano [Karatassos] and us,” Adams says. “He knew our desires to become entrepreneurs, and when we found a place, he decided to concentrate his efforts on his expansion out of town.”

He says the restaurant will offer some similar items to Veni Vidi Vici, such as veal parmigiana and roasted duck and chicken agnolotti with brown butter, sage, and pecans. Like at Veni Vidi Vici, il Giallo will offer house-made focaccia and crostini.Veni Vidi Vici’s pastry chef Libby Muldawer will make desserts.

il Giallo will serve lunch and dinner daily and offer items inspired by different regions of Italy. There may be swordfish with fennel, capers, and citrus (a la Sicily), sautéed branzino with braised mushrooms and tomatoes (a la Liguria), or a spicy tomato and shellfish stew like harkens from southern Italy. The bar will emphasize Italian wines and classic cocktails.

The 135-seat restaurant will feature an “elegant yet simple” décor that will contrast old Italy with modern influences. A 70-seat private dining area is in the works as well.

As for the name, the meaning is two-fold. Used alone, “giallo” means “yellow” in Italian and is intended to reflect on both the “bright, loud” way Adams lives and the color of egg yolk and polenta. When used with the pronoun, “il giallo” means “mystery.”