Terry Koval leaves Farm Burger for the Wrecking Bar


Farm Burger announced last week that Terry Koval, the chef that helped launch and run the original Decatur location of the growing chain, has left his position. Koval will be heading to the Wrecking Bar in Inman Park as head chef. The Wrecking Bar opened last year with a menu mostly centered around the beers brewed on site at the restaurant. We caught up with Koval to ask him a few questions about the move and his plans for the Wrecking Bar.

What drew you to working with the Wrecking Bar? This is an amazing building with Georgia roots. Bob Sandage has taken this historical building and made it a land mark once again with his craft beers and I am excited to bring my passion for local sustainable food to the table.

How do you plan to change the menu? Any big changes? Slowly and wisely, we will build on technique, utilizing local product and all its parts. Developing them into specials and making their way to the menu. This is a process that takes time, patience and passionate chefs.

Do you plan to carry over your style from Farm Burger? More seasonal and local ingredients? More burgers? Absolutely! The Wrecking Bar will only open more doors for me as a chef to utilize more product from our local farmers – I think we are all a bit excited! 

Burgers? You can guarantee a solid pub burger on the menu!

Are you already in the kitchen there? When can we expect to see your handiwork on the menu?  I am still with Farm Burger, but will begin at Wrecking Bar in a few weeks. Hope to see you all soon!

Photo of Terry Koval via Slow Food Atlanta’s Facebook page