Tired of waiting for the check? New app, Dash, lets diners pay or split the tab

Participating venues include F&B, Front Page News, Ray’s on the River, and Two Urban Licks

Dash app_screenshotFlagging down an overwhelmed server or splitting the check among, say, seven people is never a pleasant experience. That’s why in November 2013, Jeff McGregor launched Dash, a free app that integrates with restaurant payment systems to allow diners to split and pay the bill. Already in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., Dash launched in Atlanta  yesterday, partnering with more than 30 local restaurants.

“The larger goal is to make your time out with friends more about the social experience of dining out rather than the payment,” McGregor says.

Dash integrates with the restaurant’s POS system and links to payment apps like Venmo and Apple Pay. Users can also order an Uber while in the app. “The idea is you’re not switching back and forth between apps,” McGregor says.

To use Dash, check in at the restaurant on the app and tell the server you want to pay with Dash. The bill will show up on your smartphone as your order. The app will access your contact list, allowing you to add your friends to your bill. Each person can claim the items he or she ordered or select to split the bill. After pressing “Pay,” users are free to leave the restaurant, without waiting for a paper bill.

Participating restaurant groups include Buckhead Life and Concentrics, plus F&B, Front Page News, Ray’s on the River, and more. McGregor says his team hopes to build the list to include 150 restaurants per city.

Get $10 off your first Dash purchase with code DASHATLANTA.