Umbrella Bar will bring Korean street food to Ponce City Market

The new stall from Poke Burri co-founder Seven Chan plans to open this spring

Umbrella Bar rendering

Set to open in mid-to-late spring, Ponce City Market’s Umbrella Bar is a Korean street food and drink concept from the cofounder of Poke Burri, Seven Chan. Inspired by Asian night markets, it will serve food designed for eating on the go, such as Korean corn dogs and skewered meats. Kimbap (Korean sushi) and bibimbap bowls will be available, too.

Aside from handhelds, Chan expects the main attraction to be alcohol-laden Korean slushies made from Melona (South Korean ice pops) with soju and Asian garnishes. There will be three to five slushie flavors available at a time, with Korean takes on traditional cocktails rounding out the beverage offerings—think Old Fashioneds infused with Korean pear. Korean and Japanese beer will be served, too. 

Located in the new area of the Central Food Hall near Vietvana and Nani’s Piri Piri Chicken, Umbrella Bar will be easily distinguishable by its signature umbrellas and color-changing string lights suspended from the ceiling throughout the alleyway.

“We want it to be one of most photogenic ceilings in Atlanta,” Chan says, explaining that night markets in Asia often feel like an alley with multiple vibrant small businesses. “We want to make the space feel more intimate and unique to us.”

At 840 square feet, Umbrella Bar will have limited counter seating. Additional seating is available in the hallway around it.

“This is a concept we’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the right place,” Chan says. “This will be the first time having our own bar and being able to flex a different part of our creativity.”

Though Chan was referring to cocktails, his team certainly exercises creativity with the food menu as well. Expect corn dogs filled with kimchi and cheese or macaroni salad, and a dessert version with a matcha fried Twinkie. The “secret menu,” which will be accessible from Instagram, may feature kimchi fries and rice cake lasagna.