Video of the Day: Gabrielle Union says Atlanta has the best food

“It’s just a magical place.”
Gabrielle Union First We Feast
While on First We Feast's Hot Ones, Gabrielle Union says Atlanta has the best food of any city she's visited.

Screenshot via YouTube

Gabrielle Union, we could not agree with you more on this one.

In the most recent episode of First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” series, released today, the actress, author, and style icon took part in the pain dozens of other celebrities have gone through on the show—eating hotter and hotter chicken wings while answering embarrassing questions about their lives. Union talked about her Twitter sass, the bromance between LeBron James and her Cleveland Cavaliers all-star husband Dwyane Wade, and her best-selling book We’re Going to Need More Wine.

But what’s most important to us Atlantans is what happens after host Sean Evans lays down the question: “Out of all the cities that you’ve landed in, which has the best food?”

Even though she was struggling to keep a straight face or even talk after nibbling on some chicken wings soaked in Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce, Union, who stars in the Atlanta-filmed Being Mary Jane, had no hesitation in her response.

“Atlanta. They use real butter, they use lard, shortening. And it makes everything taste better. And there’s like heavy sauces. Nobody’s vegan, no one’s heard of gluten. It’s just a magical place.”

Even the B-roll footage is 100 percent Atlanta, showing lemon pepper chicken wings being tossed in a mixing bowl. (First We Feast is no stranger to our lemon pepper obsession—they did a whole video on it.)

Check out Union’s response below: