Watershed on Peachtree to serve its famous fried chicken for lunch on Wednesdays

Starting today, chef Joe Truex will make the elusive bird a little more attainable
Fried chicken and biscuits at Watershed on Peachtree

By Letter B Creative Photography

Today at 11:30 a.m., Watershed on Peachtree will serve its lauded fried chicken to a lunch crowd for the first time. The saltwater and buttermilk-brined bird has previously only been available on Wednesdays at dinner, often selling out before 7:30 p.m. Now, executive chef Joe Truex is broadening this window to include Wednesday lunch service.

“We’re frying them in the morning anyway—we start the process right before noon—so we figure, why not turn it loose?” Truex says. “In the old spot [in Decatur], we were prohibited by lack of space. Now we’ve got more room in the back. Give the people what they want!”

His fried chicken, which costs $14.50 and comes with four pieces (half a chicken) and two biscuits, takes four days to prepare. So, unless Truex was to focus solely on it, he says serving it daily is simply not feasible.

In addition to making the chicken more available, he recently “tinkered” with the famed recipe a bit. “I’ve changed the sourcing of the smoked ham hock that goes into the fry fat from Smithfield to Riverview Farms,” he says. “The smoked flavor is a little more intense.”

Since fried chicken at lunch is new, Truex will be adjusting the quantity of chicken he has prepared based on demand over the next few weeks. Truex recommends coming early to ensure availability.