We’re down to the ‘Eat Sixteen’ in our Final Fork contest

Only two days left to vote in Round Three

There are just two days left to vote in Round Three of our Final Fork contest, which brings us one step closer to determining Atlanta’s favorite restaurant.

Bacchanalia is still in the game, much to my surprise, but let’s take a look at the full list of our Sweet Sixteen—or rather, Eat Sixteen:
Holeman and Finch Public House
Leon’s Full Service
The Porter Beer Bar
The Brick Store Pub
Kevin Rathbun Steak
Empire State South
South City Kitchen
Cakes & Ale
JCT Kitchen & Bar
Antico Pizza Napoletana
Sotto Sotto
The Iberian Pig

There are two ways to approach these sorts of brackets: the rational, hard-statistics, what’s-most-likely-to-win way, and the emotional, fuzzy-feelings, I-love-the-beet-salad-here way. I’ll leave the objective appraisal to the experts, but here’s my highly subjective, guttural response to a few among our Eat Sixteen:
1. I’ve never much liked Holeman. There, I said it. It’s always too busy to ever get a bartender to mix you a sublime concoction, and honestly, that’s the only reason I want to go here. (Yeah, yeah, their food is good, but I want their booze.) And no, I’m not going to go on off nights or at absurd hours to get what I want. Honey, please.
2. I adore Canoe. Whenever my parents and my brother are in town, this is invariably where we end up eating. Mainly because it’s close to my folks’ place in Sandy Springs, but you can’t deny the brilliance of Chef Carvel Gould. Plus, that view of the ‘Hooch is my favorite backdrop for a nice evening of fine dining.
3. Cakes & Ale is amazing. Billy Allin is a genius. But it’s in Decatur, and JCT is just up the road from me, so…
4. Team Antico. Always and forever. I know I said I’d stay away from making objective statements, but nothing’s better than pizza. This is just scientific fact.

What about you? What is your gut telling you? Cast your vote, and be entered to win one of our sweet prizes, including a Big Green Egg, a bottle of Richland Rum, and a $100 gift certificate to the Final Fork restaurant of your choice. Learn more about the prizes here.

After looking at the initial numbers, all I can say is: Fans of Kyma, speak now or forever hold your peace.