What we know about Ford Fry’s Tex-Mex restaurant

Krog Street Market spot to open early 2014

With King Duke now operating smoothly and his next Buckhead project, St. Cecilia (in the former Bluepointe space) on track to open by year’s end, chef and restaurateur Ford Fry (No. 246, JCT Kitchen, and the Optimist) begins to turn his focus to his next project: an Austin-style Tex-Mex restaurant in the Krog Street Market. Details are still in the works, but Fry relayed a handful worth sharing.

Still in the works

“A combination of all the Tex-Mex items I grew up with in Texas, as well as some more authentic stuff I picked up along the way while working with Mexican cooks for so many years.”

Hand-made, both flour and corn

In the kitchen:
Wood-burning grills

Developing the menu and recipes:
Fry and Kevin Maxey

Managing the kitchen:
“Once we develop the recipes and systems, it will go in the hands of more of a kitchen manager-type person.”

Bar scene:
Indoor and outdoor

“Hopefully there will be a little stage (like everywhere in Austin) for some funky music.”

Targeting the first quarter in 2014 but “at the mercy of the development right now.”