Coffee and a…house plant? These Atlanta coffee spots offer fun pairings.

Take your coffee with a side of something special

Bellwood Coffee
Bellwood Coffee

Photograph by Martha Williams

Coffee and a . . .

House plant. In 2021, roaster Bellwood Coffee landed a counter spot inside the Victorian Atlanta—a lush plant shop inside an old home in East Atlanta Village. The cafe offers a pared-down menu of espresso and drip coffee, with a few seasonal specialties; the Victorian, specializing in tropical and desert plants, also offers scores of beautiful planters, specialty soils, gardening advice, and more.

It isn’t the only spot in Atlanta offering coffee with a side of something special. See also:

Beer. A coffee counter operates out of Biggerstaff Brewing till 4 p.m. every day, while the brewpub part of the business gets going in the late morning—so you could easily start with a coffee and switch, midafternoon, to a coffee porter, brewed with oats and coming in at a relatively gentle 5.5 percent ABV. And then, stick around for dinner? Why not.

Biscuit. The abbreviated food menu at Inman Park’s Victory Coffee + Calamity leaves you with few options—luckily, most of them involve a terrific housemade biscuit, available topped with egg and cheese, sausage, and the like.

Millennial cliche. With multiple locations, Dale Donchey’s Spiller Park Coffee is equally known for the careful attention its baristas pay to their brewed products and for serving an avocado toast that’s basically the last word on the subject, with radishes, salt, lime, chili butter, and an optional fried egg.

Creamy treat. The Midtown Japanese restaurant Momonoki has a casual sidekick: Momo Cafe, offering creative drinks (black sesame latte, iced yuzu coffee soda) alongside wonderful sweet snacks including matcha soft-serve.

Chopper. In Roswell, Pop’s Coffee Co. opened in 2020 as an auxiliary to neighboring Pop’s Garage Fabrication, a repair shop and builder of custom motorcycles. The latter closed, but it’s been replaced by a showroom for the motorcycle company Triumph, and Pop’s Coffee—offering “the perfect way to keep your engine purring”—keeps going.

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