Duluth’s Coffee That Matters gives back with every cup

Double drive-thru shop opens in Duluth August 14


Courtesy of Coffee That Matters

Phoenix Roasters, the coffee company known for its direct-from-the-farm beans, has long been providing caffeine to shops around metro Atlanta. On August 14, it will open its own shop, specializing in “roasting the best coffee in the world that’s doing the best for the best coffee communities around the world,” says founder and CEO Brian Holland. Called Coffee That Matters, the Duluth shop will feature a double drive-thru for efficient coffee delivery. “We have 20 coffees we can pour in 20 seconds or less,” he says.

But Coffee That Matters is not just about efficiency. It’s about taste and doing the right thing, Holland says. Phoenix master roaster Wes Patterson trained in Panama under world renowned roaster Javier Pati, learning how to create brews so smooth that they don’t need sweetener or cream. From cold brew and nitro coffee to lattes and espresso, Coffee That Matters offers all the traditional caffeinated beverages, as well as unique blends like Stout Truffle Nitro Cold Brew and Strawberry Blonde Hibiscus. Expect six taps of nitro-infused cold brews and sparkly Italian sodas.

Holland expects the Duluth location to consume 20,000 to 25,000 pounds of coffee a year. “Our philosophy is the more coffee we buy, the more global good we do,” he says. By purchasing directly from the farmers, Phoenix Roasters skips the seven transactions that usually occur before the consumer receives his or her coffee. This ensure that the farmers make much more than the fair-trade minimum, which in turn supports their communities. Phoenix Roasters and Coffee That Matters also support domestic relief projects such as ending the commercial exploitation of children, ending homelessness, helping victims of abuse, and supporting single mothers. “We want to help broken and healing people rise up out of the ashes of life,” Holland says.

Courtesy of Coffee That Matters

One of the ways the company does this is by purchasing the tables for Coffee That Matters from the Osleeper Studio, a group that helps men coming out of homelessness and addiction. The 3,600-square-foot space will have 50 seats, including those at the black-and-white quartz bar with a handmade emerald green tile backsplash. The floors are polished concrete and tapestries will soon hang on the walls.

Food options will be limited and provided by Diletto Bakery in Gainesville. Everything will come prepackaged. Offerings include muffins, savory breads, and two bagel sandwiches: toasted chicken chipotle and ham avocado. Tower Treats cookies will be available, too.

Two additional Coffee That Matters locations are under discussion: one on Friendship Road in Buford, and the other in South Walton Beach, Florida.