The oddest cucumber-slicing device ever is back in Atlanta this week

The “Grand Garnisher” returns to Atlanta for a brief engagement
Grand Garnisher
Ever seen a guy slice a cucumber on a penny-farthing bike? Yeah, we haven’t either.

Photograph courtesy of Hendrick's Gin

How do you slice a cucumber? You could take a knife and chop it. You could toss it in a food processor. You could even stick it in a spiralizer. Or you could hop on top of a penny-farthing bike perched on the roof of a 38-foot long food truck, drop the cucumber into the bell of a French horn, and pedal your heart out to send the it down a conveyor belt into a slicer.

We actually didn’t make that last one up—that’s what the Grand Garnisher, a promotional truck from Hendrick’s Gin, is going to do when it sets up shop outside the Bonefish Grill at Akers Mill in Cobb County on Wednesday. This isn’t the touring truck’s first visit to Atlanta—it made quite a few pit stops last fall on the cross-country tour that kicked off last June.

Photograph courtesy of Hendrick's Gin

During the event, which runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., you can grab a cup of sliced cucumbers from the truck, which you can then take into Bonefish Grill to have incorporated into one of three different cocktails made with Hendrick’s (which itself is infused with cucumbers, hence the vegetable choice). There will be a Cucumber Collins, a cucumber-infused gin and tonic with basil; the Blackberry Bramble, which features blackberry puree and lemon juice; and a classic gin and tonic.

Do you need a hipster on a penny-farthing bike in order to slice a cucumber? No. Is it the most efficient way to even slice a cucumber? Certainly not—the slow-moving contraption only slices 18 cucumbers per hour. Is this entire venture absolutely ridiculous? Quite. But is it fun? Yep. And it’ll probably earn you a “like” or two on Instagram. Not a bad happy hour venture if you happen to work in the area.

PSA: There is a Braves game at 7:35 p.m. on Wednesday, so if you want to check this oddity out, mind the traffic.