Red Hare Brewing Company

Photograph courtesy of Red Hare Brewing Company
Photograph courtesy of Red Hare Brewing Company

Come on, admit it—the basement beginning origin story in the craft beer world never gets old. This one starts with homebrew pals Roger Davis and Bobby Thomas. After sharing their recipes with friends over a year or so, the opportunity to go bigger seemed like the natural next step. Red Hare Brewing launched Labor Day 2011. Red Hare’s fan favorite is Long Day Lager, a rarity in a market of ales. But the clean beer with a hint of citrus will win the hearts of new craft converts. Try the smooth Watership Brown Ale or the piney Gangway IPA. The brewery is in the process of building a new pilot system, so expect more taproom-only beers down the line.

Good to know: Red Hare keeps their own root beer on tap—great for non-drinkers and under-aged visitors—and was the first Georgia brewery to go with cans.

Address: 1998 Delk Industrial Boulevard, Marietta

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday thru Friday, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Saturday, 2-6 p.m.


Kids: OK

Pets: OK, leashed dogs outside only