Three Taverns Brewery opens to the public

First tours and tastings start October 11
Three Taverns tasting room

Courtesy of Facebook

A Belgian-style brewery in East Decatur Station, Three Taverns will give its first public tours and tastings this week. Nearly one hundred Atlanta restaurants and bars—including Brick Store Pub, Farm Burger, and Ormsby’s—have already started serving Three Taverns beer, and now Atlantans can see how it’s made.

“In the Bible, Three Taverns is a travelers’ rest; a place people find community, refreshment, and rest,” says Three Taverns CEO and brewmaster Brian Purcell. “That really spoke to me and is what I want to deliver—an experience that’s bigger than the beer.”

Purcell says the Three Taverns tasting experience will run similar to that at SweetWater Brewing Co. Drinkers will pay $12 and receive a souvenir tasting glass plus six tokens redeemable for 5.5-ounce pours. Initially, three or four beers will be available, including the five percent Belgian-style Single Intent, a 7.5 percent Belgian-style American IPA called A Night in Brussels, and a Russian imperial stout named Theophan the Recluse. The Three Taverns-Twains collaboration, called Decatur Ryeson, may be served as well.

“The unveiling of the tasting room will be an unexpected surprise for everyone,” Purcell says. “There’s a lot of texture. You’ll have an experience like you walked into an older time. It’s a very Old World experience.”

The tasting room can accommodate about two hundred people, with tours announced periodically. “You’ll walk through the brewery and see the sequence of production, see the equipment, and hear stories about Three Taverns and our vision for what we’re about,” he says.

Though Three Taverns will not serve food, Purcell says the company is working to partner with nearby restaurants Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen, the Corner Pub, and FIGO. People can bring their own food, too.

As for the future, Joran Van Ginderachter is moving to Atlanta from Belgium to be Three Taverns’ head brewer, and a winter beer with “Christmas spices” called Feest Noel is in the works.