Three Taverns Brewery

Three Taverns Brewery
Photograph courtesy of Three Taverns Brewery

A cozy interior, warm wood textures, soft lighting, and hospitable staff make this tasting room one of our extra special faves. You can stick to the year-round classics at Georgia’s first Belgian-style brewery, but pay homage to their forebears: Single Intent, a crisp blond ale single; White Hops, a light citrusy white IPA made with a Belgian yeast strain; and A Night in Brussels, the brewery’s take on the American IPA. In the colder months, be rewarded for braving the cold with smooth and satisfying heavy hitters like quadruple Quasimodo, and Belgian-style Russian Imperial Stout, Theophan the Recluse. Tours offer a peek of the barrel aging room, where visitors can anticipate what goodies are in store.

Good to know: Belgian brews were nothing new to Atlanta when Brian Purcell opened this cozy spot in 2013—in fact, down the street, Brick Store Pub, one of the country’s best bars was and still is known for its extraordinary tap list. But the Trappist beers Purcell enjoyed in the mid-90s on a trip to Belgium with friends never quite escaped him. He didn’t start home brewing in earnest until 2005, but once he got going, he was on a mission to launch Georgia’s first Belgian-style brewery. Purcell hired Belgian brewer Joran Van Ginderachter to head up production and many a barrel has flowed since.

Address: 121 New Street, Decatur

Hours of Operation
Thursday and Friday, 5:30–9 p.m.
Saturday, 1–5 p.m.


Kids: OK, “secured babies” only

Pets: OK, leashed dogs outside only