Try this: Golda Kombucha

Melanie Wade began brewing this naturally fermented tea in Roswell in 2013
Golda Kombucha
Strawberry mint tea, $4, Preserving Place

Photograph by Caroline C. Kilgore

In 2010 Melanie Wade finally asked her 94-year-old grandmother, Golda, about the mysterious brown drink she brewed and bottled in her home. The answer: kombucha, a naturally fermented tea packed with probiotics and with a 2,000-year history. “She taught me everything I know,” says Wade, who launched Golda Kombucha in August 2013 in a shared kitchen in Roswell. The oak barrel–aged beverage comes in a variety of flavors, including strawberry mint; pineapple basil; and peach ginger, a summer favorite. Her kombucha growler filling station at the Mercantile sells out weekly, and in June, Wade opened her own brewery in Tucker. Available at specialty stores like Preserving Place and the Local Exchange and select farmers markets.

This article originally appeared in our September 2015 issue under the headline “True Brew.”