Holeman and Finch Public House

Oink. At its essence, Holeman and Finch exists to serve you pork. Sure, you can scarf down rabbit livers, lamb heart, lamb testicles, or veal brains—and a whole menu section revolves around vegetables. But the restaurant excels at perfecting the pig, be it cured or preserved in half a dozen forms, including smoked lardo (that’s fatback to you, Bubba), and paired with rare cheeses on a fetching platter; made into pork rinds punched up with salt and vinegar; twirled into pasta carbonara as guanciale (aged pork jowl); or as beloved bacon paired with poached farm egg, nestled into a salad, or added as a jolt of salt to caramel popcorn.

There is, of course, that famous burger, served at 10 p.m. and at Sunday brunch. But don’t discount the housemade beef hot dog, available anytime.
Greg Best and Regan Smith, two of the gastropub’s founders and guiding lights, departed in September, but the capable crew they left behind continues to stir and shake some of the city’s most outside-the-box cocktails. Try the Foolish Heart built on Alma Blanco tequila and dry amontillado sherry.