Columbus State University

Columbus State University draws students from more than sixty countries with its programs in business, education, art, theater, music, counseling, and nursing. The university’s baccalaureate and graduate programs include an expanding list of online degree options and a doctor of education program.

Founded 1958

Undergraduate enrollment 7,025

Graduate enrollment 1,214


In-state tuition $1,941/semester (12 credit hours)

Out-of-state tuition $6,852/semester (12 credit hours)

Georgia freshmen on HOPE NA

Average composite three-part SAT score for entering freshmen n/a

Average critical reading and math composite SAT score 980

SAT score breakdown 440–550, critical reading; 430–540, math (25th–75th percentiles); does not presently use writing score in admissions

Average class size for freshman courses 18

Popular majors accounting, biology, computer science, criminal justice, early childhood education, exercise science, health science, management, nursing, psychology