Paine College

A small, church-affiliated, and predominantly African American liberal arts institution, Paine offers degrees in two schools and six academic departments: the School of Arts and Sciences (which houses the departments of humanities; social sciences; and sciences, mathematics, and technology) and the School of Professional Studies (which is home to business, education, and media studies). Though applicants are required to submit SAT or ACT results, they do not have to meet a minimum score for admission.

Founded 1882

Undergraduate enrollment 924


Tuition $11,880/year

Georgia freshmen on HOPE 11%

Average composite three-part SAT score for entering freshmen 1147

Average critical reading and math composite SAT score 769

SAT score breakdown 383, critical reading; 387, math; 369, writing

Average class size for freshman courses 22

Popular majors biology, business, media studies, psychology, sociology