Baton Supper Series

For jaded food devotees who often find Atlanta’s restaurant scene monotonous, Baton has become a provocative antidote to their ennui. This near-monthly supper club—run by Bryson Tedford and Moses Archuleta, the drummer-keyboardist for local indie rock group Deerhunter—recruits chefs from outside-the-box restaurants in other cities to cook reasonably priced, multicourse meals for two nights at Gato Bizco Cafe, the tiny, cozily shabby breakfast spot in Candler Park.

The inaugural dinner in October 2011 brought in cooks from the Quebecois-themed (and recently closed) M. Wells in New York’s Long Island City and featured triumphs like beef tongue potpie and pudding chômeur—cake baked in maple syrup. In January 2012, a team from San Francisco’s Mission Chinese dazzled with Sichuan catfish served with boiled peanuts and a savory egg custard laced with foie gras. Email to receive updates, and be quick about reservations: The dinners fill up almost immediately. (Cash only.)