Ben’s Brown Bag

If you like sloppy joes, then Ben Pierce is your man. A former chef at the Real Chow Baby across the street, he transformed a former Westside fried chicken operation (first it was LeRoy’s, then Curly’s) into a fast-food indie selling a handful of old-fashioned sandwiches he makes from scratch. His judiciously spiced sloppy joes—the menu standout—and classic burgers are made with all-natural Brasstown beef and come on soft buns in a logo-stamped brown paper bag. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, BLTs, freshly fried potato chips, and Kool-Aid concoctions round out the Americana fun, and Pierce’s friendliness makes this the kind of start-up you want to support. Most of the business is takeout and there are only four parking spaces, but plant yourself at one of several tables outside for an impromptu feast.