Busy Bee Cafe

 Many of the old soul-food restaurants have become caricatures, but this is the real deal. This always-crowded, family-run place—a favorite with politicos and police officers since 1947—serves the city’s best fried chicken, alongside smothered pork chops, oxtails, and more with traditional vegetables (e.g., greens cooked with turkey) and superb little corn muffins. Sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, and a moist, three-layered Key lime cake make you grateful you live in the South.
Best of Atlanta 2013
This West End stalwart simmers hearty greens (flavored with smoked turkey for those who eschew pork) a good long while – as they should be. The kitchen offers collards daily and spicy-sharp turnip greens on Monday and Friday.

Photo by Gregory Miller