Since 2004, Keith Dyche’s Tuesday night trivia has cultivated loyal followers—the kind who call ahead to reserve booths or stake out tables an hour before the contest starts. Dyche enlivens an already-tough six-round format by working in a theme—which players have to figure out themselves. (It’s akin to the leitmotifs embedded in the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, and—not to be too snobby—if that doesn’t ring a bell, Dyche’s trivia will be too challenging for you.) A recent elements-themed competition required a firm grasp of the periodic table and also referenced Barry Goldwater, Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold,” and the Argonne Forest (get it?).
You can order loaded nachos or a salmon BLT, but the uncontested draw is the burger in a dozen variations. Sticklers who eschew toppings such as guacamole or lemon pepper seasoning will appreciate the half-pound plain burger’s essential grilled smokiness.