Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar

Harold’s Chicken Shack—a beloved Chicago institution founded by Harold Pierce, who opened the first location on the city’s South Side in 1950—has grown into an empire with many franchises and a devoted following in the hip-hop community.

After years of negotiating with an Old Fourth Ward landlord, the restaurant finally made its Atlanta debut one block north of the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. The sit-down environment, complete with a posh cocktail bar and several TV screens, may come as a surprise to those more familiar with the fast-food iterations of Harold’s, but everything about the crisp, juicy chicken (lightly dredged in flour, cooked to order in less than ten minutes, well-seasoned with salt and pepper) and the famous hot sauce (akin to a thicker version of Texas Pete) will delight fans.

The menu couldn’t be simpler: Chicken comes with fries and cole slaw, or you can choose wings, catfish, perch, gizzards, and liver, all fried in a similar batter.