Kevin Rathbun Steak

Who but Kevin Rathbun would have the cojones to build a steakhouse in a former Clorox factory on the overgrown industrial fringe of Inman Park—two full blocks away from his thriving flagship?

While the short drive from Downtown helps draw business travelers, it’s also our finest example of the chef-driven chophouse. Appetizer upstarts like Korean barbecue pork shoulder and venison tataki consort with vintage favorites like shrimp cocktail and chopped salad. The porterhouse supplied by the famous Allen Brothers of Chicago is the kind of massive dry-aged hunk of meat you’ll have to share with a buddy, and it comes already carved in beauteous mini-steaks. Prepared entrees (Steak Diane) are serviceable enough, but for maximum gratification, go ahead and order the dry-aged cowboy rib-eye with sides of braised greens and jalapeño creamed corn.