Kusum Foods

What this Gujarati vegetarian establishment lacks in size, it makes up for in cheerfulness. With chipper colors (bright blue walls, red laminated tables, intricate garlands) and delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, the tiny dining room is an instant mood-lifter. Decide on your meal by peering into the various vegetable curries kept on a small steam table. Rotis freshly made with butter and wheat flour; a few squares of the steamed chickpea-flour snack called dhokla, fragrant with mustard seeds and fresh coriander; lilva kachori, a small, savory doughnut filled with lentil paste; snacks with fiery pickles; and condensed-milk pastries all enhance the meal. Order a Gujarati thali or a tiffin (packed to-go meal) for the easiest and most varied selection.