Pallookaville Fine Foods

Jim Stacy is one of our most fascinating characters: champion of carnival food and soda fountain culture, musician and clown, former operator of Starlight Drive-In’s concessions stand, and host of PBA’s Get Delicious! television series. After years of peddling corn dogs at festivals, Stacy opened a brick-and-mortar decked out with candy-colored chairs and knickknacks.

Inhale his signature dish—an all-beef frank, kielbasa, or Italian sausage, snug in cornbread batter—along with other Americana comforts like foot-long hot dogs and smoked chicken sandwiches. On the side, try the “garbaged” fries, laden with melted cheese, cheese curds, gravy, onions, and pickled jalapeños. Drinks reinforce the theme: sodas made from a choice of Technicolor syrups, beers and shots, and novelties like the Sriracha milkshake.