Ration & Dram

Those who followed cocktail-meister Andy Minchow from Repast to Holeman and Finch, where he was part owner, should congratulate him on opening a place of his own. Minchow’s family-friendly two-story pub in front of Kirkwood’s Arizona Lofts looks to Rod Lassiter from the Wrecking Bar Brewpub to helm a seasonally minded menu where crisp sliced radishes top buttered bread and soul-satisfying fried pork chops are sandwiched between buns from H&F Bread Co. Even so, the kitchen plays second to Minchow’s cocktails. Try the energizing cachaça and pineapple juice cocktail or the whiskey juggernaut Shallow Grave, made with rye, sweet vermouth, and Cappelletti Aperitivo. On warmer days, Minchow’s White Picket Fence is lemonade for adults, taking its cues from gin, lemon, and cider.