Shabu & Shabu

This Korean-owned newcomer riffs on shabu-shabu, the Japanese tradition of cooking raw meats and vegetables in pots of simmering broth. Diners receive individual-sized crocks for cooking. Choose a main ingredient (thinly sliced beef, chicken, or pork; single seafood items or combinations that include fish, shrimp, squid, clams, mussels, and fish balls); dunk them along with napa cabbage, glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, sections of corn and squash, ribbons of fish cakes, and two different kinds of tofu; and then dip into hot sauce available in three levels of spiciness.

Once you’ve finished with this phase of the meal, the staff takes over each mini hot pot to boil soba, thick udon, or rice porridge in what becomes a rich, slightly thickened broth; be sure to take a few final sips before you leave.