Tango Grill Y Bar

Dancing is quite out of the question in this long, narrow restaurant where huge mixed grills and affordable Malbecs make up for a lack of decor. The owner belongs to a sizable population of Korean immigrants who grew up in Argentina, the most meat-oriented country in South America.

Phenomenal homemade empanadas (beef, chicken, and ham and cheese) come with a jar of fresh chimichurri sauce, bright with the tastes of parsley, garlic, and vinegar. This condiment also comes in handy with a combo of grilled meats (flank and rib-eye steaks, chorizo, blood sausage, sweetbreads, and skinny chitterlings) brought on individual grills in massive portions. Those who have traveled to Buenos Aires will also recognize the steak sandwiches and plates of melted provolone with oil, oregano, and diced tomato.