Victory Sandwich Bar Decatur

Owners Caleb Wheelus and Ian Jones opened a second location of their sandwich shop–tavern hybrid in a refurbished building around the corner from Decatur Square. It flaunts the same youthful vigor as the original—minimalist decor, creative sandwiches sized as bar snacks, late hours, and a sleek, inviting patio. New sandwich standouts include the Beeter (beets rubbed with pastrami spices, white kimchi, and Thai pepper mayo) and the Cool Chick (smoked chicken, pimentón dressing, frisée, pecans, and cranberries). The spicy sesame “ramen” (served cold and with scallions and peanuts, a nontraditional version) has quickly become a favorite snack for off-duty staffers from other restaurants. The presence of Paul Calvert, one of the city’s most gifted bartenders, gives the bar program a serious upgrade. The Paper Plane (a bright, citrusy combination of corn whiskey, Aperol, amaro, and ginger ale, garnished with lemon) is also the name of Calvert’s brand-new adjunct project, an intimate cocktail spot–cum–restaurant in the back of the building that will share Victory’s kitchen.