Parched shoppers or moviegoers looking for a glass of wine and a snack may be happy to discover the latest Phipps Plaza tenant in the space across from Twist, which previously housed the short-lived Latitude. Justin Anthony re-created the space to evoke a luxury safari, including white antelope sculptures mounted on a DayGlo-red wall and a tufted cream-colored leather sofa accessorized with zebra-striped pillows. The decor makes more of a splash than the menu, which follows a South African theme similar to his restaurant on Roswell Road, 10 Degrees South. Tapas-sized portions of boerewors (“farmers sausage”) sandwiches, sweet curries in awkward bread bowls, and fried chicken tidbits with collard greens and corn puree all suffer from perfunctory execution. Cocktails lean toward sweet and fruity. Look instead to South African wines—perhaps a Neil Ellis Sauvignon Blanc or the Chocolate Block, a juicy blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.