3 Atlanta workouts that (literally) pack a punch

Hour-long traffic jam on the Connector? How to vent that frustration afterward.
Fight workout

Illustration by Geo Law

Want a workout that literally packs a punch? Channel your frustration from that long commute, annoying coworker, or impossible workload into these high-intensity boxing and kickboxing workouts, and knock out up to 1,000 calories per 60-minute session.

x3 Sports
Learn to box from the pros at x3 Sports, where kickboxing and boxing classes focus on basic technique, heavy bag work, self defense, conditioning, and strength.

Chaos Conditioning
High-intensity interval training meets martial arts at this gym’s IMPACT class, mixing punching bags with kettlebells, heavy ropes, suspension training, and sprints.

Vesta Movement
This women-owned gym has 60-minute strength and kickboxing classes that are “high-energy, ass-kicking, and constantly changing.” Bonus: Your first visit is free.

This article originally appeared in our October 2017 issue.