3 treatments to pamper your feet this winter

Prevent dry or cracked feet during the dark winter days

Cold feet treatments in Atlanta

Illustration by Tomasz Woźniakowski

When temperatures drop, it’s easy to slip your feet inside some cozy boots or slippers and forget about them until sandal season rolls around again. But according to Abby Ellis, a massage therapist and co-owner of Future Perfect Massage in Cabbagetown, taking care of your feet is even more critical in winter. In addition to causing dry and cracked heels, colder weather can also lead to poor circulation, arthritic flare-ups, and other aches and pains that your run-of-the-mill pedicure can’t fix. And those with chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are even more at risk for foot woes at this time of year, explains Dr. Sarepta Isaac, founder of Roswell’s new Serenity Podiatry and Med Spa. She recommends frequent sock changes, regular massages, and a high quality moisturizer to keep feet healthy and happy during the dark winter days. For a little extra indulgence, try these three treatments—doctor’s orders.

Paraffin foot wrap at Serenity Podiatry and Med Spa
At this new med spa in Roswell, the combination of oil and wax in a paraffin foot wrap smooths and hydrates rough skin while soothing stiff, aching joints and tight muscles. $50 for 25 minutes

Foot reflexology at Future Perfect Massage
This cozy Cabbagetown spot excels at foot reflexology. Opt for rosemary, eucalyptus, and black-pepper essential oils to boost circulation and warm those frigid digits. $60 for 30 minutes

Atlanta Foot Massage at Treat Your Feet
Therapists at the celeb-beloved Buckhead and Doraville spa use classic reflexology and massage techniques to stimulate pressure points in the feet to calm and restore. Up to $40 for 60 minutes

This article appears in our January 2020 issue.