Where Atlanta’s fitness pros work out

Your ultra-fit trainer doesn’t even break a sweat during your sessions. So where do they get those six-packs?
Atlanta fitness pros
(L-R) Karen Schrier, Ulrick Bien-Aimé, Roman Mitic, Amber Ramga, Mallory Hope Schwartz

Photograph by Kelly Kline

Karen Schrier
Owner, Karen Schrier Fitness, Kirkwood
Favorite workout: TRX45 with Emily Kinley
Location: Pace23, 138 New Street, Decatur
What she says: “In a TRX class, you’re suspended in these harnesses, so you’re working against your own body weight. I love Emily because she has great energy and plays music designed to motivate. It’s a small class—there’s only room for seven people—and it’s no joke. I’ll be sore for days afterwards. Doing a plank with your feet in the straps gives the exercise a whole new meaning.”

Ulrick Bien-Aimé
Owner, Bien-Aimé Strength & Stretch Studio, Atlanta
Favorite workout: Hot Vinyasa with Jason Anderson
Location: Ember Yoga, 330 Chambers Street, Woodstock
What he says: “I like hot yoga because it’s relaxing and tranquil, but the added heat in the room pushes your body and makes the class more intense. Jason, a former basketball player, has a particularly strong, athletic approach to teaching. If you don’t think of yoga as a challenging workout, this class will change your mind.”

Roman Mitic
Personal trainer at Eric’s Fit Lab, Tucker
Favorite workout: Weightlifting
Location: Rock Hard Fitness, 4369 Hugh Howell Road, Tucker
What he says: “I’m really serious about lifting, and this is the place to be serious. You can grunt, you can put chains around your waist, and nobody looks at you twice. They’re not worried that you’re going to break the equipment.”

Amber Ramga
Personal trainer at Squat Shoppe, Decatur
Favorite workout: Fitness Camp at FitWit
Location: FitWit Decatur/Kirkwood, 2191 College Avenue
What she says: “FitWit is really flexible: You can sign up for unlimited classes or as few as two a week, and you can show up at whatever times work for you. They plan an entire week of workouts, and each one is different. Plus, I like the group atmosphere. In my experience, everyone always works a little harder if they have support.”

Mallory Hope Schwartz
Instructor at Pink Barre Virginia-Highland, Atlanta
Favorite workout: C2 with Alicia Wilson
Location: CorePower Yoga, 3400 Around Lenox Road
What she says: “This is an advanced power Vinyasa class, but Alicia makes everyone feel so inspired and comfortable, whether you’re a regular or it’s your first time. Plus, she themes the music for every class. One time it was all acoustic versions of modern radio hits. I loved it.

This article originally appeared in our January 2017 issue.