Bioenergetic assessment in Crabapple

A lie detector test to balance your body

It’s easy to lie to your doctor.

“Sure, I exercise every day.”
“I eat mostly fruits and vegetables.”
“I get nine hours of sleep every night.”

But at Abundant Life Wellness, a natural wellness center in the Crabapple area of Milton, your body answers the questions and you can’t lie.

Last week, I headed to the brand new wellness center for a bioenergetic assessment. According to ZYTO, the communication company that creates the biofeedback device used for the assessment, it “surveys the body to determine which organs and systems are experiencing stress and what we can do to help bring your body back to a state of balance.”

The procedure involved resting my hand onto a mouse-like device while naturopath Eileen Wrobleski gathered data about my body. The computer sends a question or a “digital stressor” and then monitors the body’s response, a lot like a polygraph test. I get migraines and have a few other minor ailments. I was curious what my body would ‘fess up to and what the prescription would be.

The office is like a lovely spa, with beautiful lighting, soothing music, and complimentary tea. There’s even a sundeck for natural vitamin D therapy. But I didn’t want tea or sunshine. I was admittedly anxious to get to the assessment, but first there was a detailed history. Eileen was curious about everything from past surgeries to dental work, electromagnetic exposure to the state of my bowels. She urged me to remove the microwave from our kitchen and start phasing out any non-stick cookware. We discussed cell phone use and agreed to disagree on whether I should get a flu shot.

I was actually really nervous while my hand was on the mouse and Eileen was watching her screen, so concerned and serious. She shared some of the areas where my body was stressed, including my jaw, stomach, and pineal gland (part of the brain that can impact sleep). This was relatively spot on because I have issues with TMJ, reflux, and sleep. I knew that the TMJ and sleep issues also factored in at times to my migraines.

To put my body back into whack, Eileen suggested several natural supplements and homeopathics and a detox program. She also mentioned that of the five services she offered, including dry infrared sauna and lymphatic drainage, my body was “requesting” the Migun massage bed to help put it back in balance. Before I left, she let me try it out.

I rested in a dark room on a warm bed while heated balls rolled up and down my spine. While the bioenergetic assessment was rather pricey at $125, the massage bed is only $10 for thirty minutes. After a bad night’s sleep, this could help ease a sore back and offer a relaxing nap.

The experience was unique. Our session went for two hours and we only discussed some of what my body griped about. I’m not so sure if I’ll follow up on the recommendations. I’m doing a little more research but, to be honest, I’m not sure my body really knows what it wants.

I’m pretty sure it was telling Eileen it wanted kale, when I knew it really wanted the leftover chocolate cake sitting on my counter back at home.

To find out what your body isn’t telling you: Abundant Life Wellness, 12670 Crabapple Road, Milton, 770-663-7898