Georgia drivers aren’t the worst

But we’re not very good, either


Well, at least we didn’t make the top ten.

According to, Georgia drivers are only the fourteenth worst in the country. The website ranked states using information on fatality rates per 100 million miles traveled, tickets for failure to obey traffic signals and seat belt laws, drunk driving citations, ticketing rate, and careless driving

Louisiana drivers are the absolute worst drivers in the USA. They finished in the top five in three different categories: failure to obey traffic signals, ticketing rate, and careless driving.

According to the study, the top 10 states with the worst drivers are:

  1. Louisiana

  2. South Carolina

  3. Mississippi

  4. Texas

  5. Alabama

  6. Florida

  7. Missouri (tie)

  8. North Carolina (tie)

  9. Montana

  10. North Dakota