Georgia hospitals boost economy by $38.6 million

They still hire people, too


Hospitals obviously fix ailing bodies. They’re also pretty good for an ailing economy. Even in iffy economic times, hospitals in Georgia gave the state’s economy $38.6 million in 2011, according to a report by the Georgia Hospital Association.

The trade association report also found that hospitals are good for jobs. While state unemployment ranks hovered above the national average, Georgia hospitals employed more than 124,000 workers and indirectly created more than 283,000 full-time jobs throughout the state.

“In lean economic times, hundreds of thousands of Georgia families can rely on their local, community hospitals not only for excellent around-the-clock medical care, but for economic stability,” said GHA President Earl Rogers in a press release announcing the report results. “We’re proud of the fact that,in many communities throughout Georgia, hospitals are among the largest employers and are the source of many well-paying jobs close to home.”