Georgia not a dangerous place to work

Think twice before moving to Maine


For the most part, it’s not all that dangerous to work in Georgia. We’re not a state filled with fishers and loggers (two of the deadliest careers), so maybe that’s why we’re smack dab in the middle of a new study citing the most dangerous states in which to work.

The study by Allsup is based on 2011 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, covering on-the-job injuries that are so serious they require a transfer or big-time change in job responsibilities.

Maine’s the hands-down loser with 1.4 serious injuries or illnesses for every 100 workers. That’s twice the national average of .7, which is also Georgia’s middling score.

Most Dangerous States for Workers
1. Maine (1.4)
2. Indiana (1.1)
3. California (1.0)
4. Connecticut, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama (0.9)
5. Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington (0.8)

Least Dangerous States for Workers
1. Arkansas, Illinois, Montana, Vermont, Virginia (0.6)
2. Maryland, New Jersey (0.5)
3. Alaska, Delaware, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Wyoming (0.4)
4. Louisiana (0.3)
5. Hawaii (0.2)
6. Washington D.C., New York (0.1)

Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah match the national average. Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and South Dakota had no data available.

The disparity among the states may be due to the different way injuries are classified, as well as how difficult jobs might be in different locales—driving a truck in the mountains versus on flat roads, for example.

While they were at it, the job-curious researchers at Allsup also determined their own list of professions with the most serious injuries:

1 Amusement parks/arcades
2 Animal slaughtering/processing
3 Beverage manufacturing
3 Foundries
5 Nursing care facilities
6 Beer/wine/distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers
7 Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing
8 Hog and pig farming
8 Motor vehicle manufacturing
8 Community care facilities for the elderly
8 Poultry/egg production