Lose money or gain weight?

More Americans would lose the cash

As you’re heading for a Memorial Day cookout and eyeing the dessert table, consider this. Would you rather lose $1,000 or gain 20 pounds?

A new survey says more than half of Americans would rather lose the cash. Probably because it’s a lot harder to eventually lose the weight.

The International Food Informational Council Foundation surveyed 1,000 adults online and also found:

  • Most people grade their exercise habits a “C-plus” and their diets a “B-minus”
  • 56% say they are trying to lose weight; 27% say they are trying to
    maintain their weight; 3% are trying to gain; 15% are doing nothing.
  • 38% often or always think about the calories they consume; 31%
    sometimes do; about 30% rarely or never think about calories.