MADabolic at Studioplex aims to torch fat for an athletic physique

The workout uses cardio and functional movement (like hitting a sledgehammer to the floor)




Illustration by Guille Manchado

MADabolic, a Charlotte-based athletic fitness studio, opened its first Atlanta location at Studioplex in July. Classes are based on the MAD formula, which stands for three different types of intervals—momentum-based, anaerobic speed, and durability drills. The 50-minute sessions blend functional movement training (think hitting a sledgehammer to the floor) and cardio for a metabolism boost through carefully calculated “rest-to-work” ratios. “Our workouts are very well structured with only five movements per class,” says owner Abby Closs. “They combine fat-torching intervals to carve a lean, athletic physique.” 661 Auburn Avenue,

This article appears in our August 2018 issue.