Need to relax? Try this Atlanta-based meditation app

Organize your thoughts and reprogram your mind
Welzen on iPhone

Photograph courtesy of Welzen

Atlanta-based meditation app Welzen is like a gym for the mind. CEO Esteban Gonzalez launched the platform in 2016, applying his e-commerce background to the mental relaxation industry. “I started meditating back in 2010 after getting divorced; it helps me organize my mind,” he says. Gonzalez partnered with psych­ologist Lena Franklin to produce the variety of content, providing new guided meditations each day, such as “the daily happiness” course, which addresses gratitude, tenderness, and more. Programs target topics like stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, relationships, and creativity. “Meditation is more powerful than traditional talk-through methods because it starts to reprogram the mind,” Franklin says. “Neuro­science supports this practice.”

Free download; from $9.99 per month for premium.

This article originally appeared in our January 2018 issue.