It’s finally spring! Time to try this fun Piedmont Park workout

Tackle the stairs, sprint the Active Oval, and monkey around.
Photograph by Marc Mauldin

Illustration by Peter Oumanski

Feel that delicious sun on your skin? It’s spring again! So if your enthusiasm for the treadmill is waning (or nonexistent), take advantage of the warmer weather—and play like no one’s watching—with this fun Piedmont Park workout.

Get vertical
After a good stretch, tackle the stairs by the Piedmont Driving Club three times. Try it backward, forward, sideways, two at a time, or jumping with both feet to work your legs and glutes and get your heart rate soaring.

Speed play
Don’t just jog around the Active Oval; sprint like the kids do. Pick a tree or lamppost and run as fast as you can until you hit your mark. Walk or jog to let your heart rate recover between sets and build cardio endurance more quickly. Complete five sets.

Monkey around
Use the workout bars on the south side of the Oval for three rounds of dead hangs, planks, push-ups, and tricep dips to challenge the upper body and core.

Mind the gap
Trot along Lake Clara Meer and across the bridge, leaping sideways over every crack or break in the pavement. Lateral jumps work your obliques and increase balance, agility, and aerobic fitness.

Swing high
For a little active recovery, hop on a swing at the Noguchi Playscape. Slowly decrease your speed and height to return your heart rate to normal. Go for the jumping dismount, because why not?

Laura Scholtz is a writer and fitness instructor.

This article originally appeared in our March 2017 issue.