Wearable tech gets stylish with new Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Minkoff designs

From shirts to bracelets, fashion designers are getting in on the new trend

Tory Burch isn’t the only fashion designer getting in on the wearable technology trend. This year, Ralph Lauren will release a “Polo Tech” shirt with “biosensing silver fibers” that can measure biometric data—distance, calories burned, intensity, heart rate, and stress rate—and send it to your smartphone or tablet. Rebecca Minkoff partnered with Case-Mate to create a gold chain-link notification bracelet and a studded leather bracelet that debuted during the designer’s September show. The notification bracelet uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and alerts you to calls and texts, while the studded bracelet works as a lightning cable to charge your devices.

“Technology is only becoming more and more embedded in all aspects of our lives,” says Sam Sisakhti, founder of UsTrendy.com, a fashion retailing site that plans to sell wearable technology. “So brands are forced to fine-tune their collections to the ever-growing technology industry.”

This article originally appeared in our 2015 Health issue.