Witzlib VS. BLAST900

Two core curricula
Take a look at how Buckhead fitness newcomer Witzlib measures up against its neighbor and rising heavyweight BLAST900.
Witzlib Fitness Studio
Gym 2833 Peachtree Road, 404-844-9859, witzlibfitnessstudio.com
Schtick Schizophrenia: Indoor cycling. Suspension training. Yoga. Barbells. The studio offers a hodgepodge of courses to appeal to a few dominant trends, with interesting twists (e.g., dynamic yoga).
History Founded by Lisa Witzlib, the studio opened in February 2010. The competitive triathlete and former Chamblee group fitness director wants to cover all her bases.
Class TRX Suspension Training: The studio is best suited to tackle suspension training, in which you use your own body weight against yourself via a hanging apparatus. Think push-ups while standing up. $25 (for any class)
Results When it comes to isolating muscle groups, Witzlib sculpts ’em and wins.
[VIDEO: See Witzlib in action]
BLAST900 The Ultimate Workout
Gym 56 East Andrews Drive, Suite 26, 404-841-5430, blast900.com (second location in Dunwoody)
Schtick Speed: The official term is “interval training,” which means alternating low-intensity work (e.g., lifting weights) with high-intensity work (e.g., running). Their hyperactive regimen promises to burn 900 calories in one hour.
History Missi Wolf (wife of Wolf Camera founder Chuck Wolf) developed the BLAST900 routine while she worked to lose her “baby weight” and began offering courses in September 2008.
Class Blast Full Body: Treadmill activities jump back and forth between jogging and deep paces on a steep incline. Floor activities include crunches and weight-lifting exercises. $28, but the first class is complimentary
Results However, for cardio, BLAST900 takes the cake by helping you lose the fat.
[VIDEO: Go behind the scenes at BLAST900]
Illustration by Jameson Simpson