23 places you could soon call home in Midtown

With a boom in construction, 8,600 residential untis could be added by the end of this decade

Cranes will continue to dominate Midtown’s skyline for the next few years. Currently, 16 projects are under construction—the most the neighborhood has ever seen at once—with another 21 in the planning phase. That could mean more than 2 million square feet of office space, 400,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space, and 8,600 new residential units added by the end of this decade. And it’s all happening in about one square mile. Here, a few places you could soon call home.

693 Peachtree Street693 Peachtree Street
Residential units: 147
Floors: 24
Situated on just a third of an acre, the building’s recessed terraces create a
cantilevered look.

Hanover MidtownHanover Midtown
Peachtree at Seventh Street
Residential units: 350
Floors: 28
AMLI Arts CenterAMLI Arts Center
1240 West Peachtree Street
Residential units: 350
Floors: 25
Apartment behemoth AMLI continues its march intown with this tower.

Yoo on the ParkYoo on the Park
207 13th Street
Residential units: 245
Floors: 25

Spring MidtownSpring Midtown
22 14th Street
Residential units: 390
Floors: 38
The official name may be Spring Midtown, but people may better know it as “the Whole Foods building.”

Hanover West PeachtreeHanover West Peachtree
1010 West Peachtree Street
Residential units: 332
Floors: 6

782 Peachtree Street782 Peachtree Street
Residential units: 290
Floors: 10

Atlantic HouseAtlantic House
1163 West Peachtree Street
Residential units: 407
Floors: 32

Modera MidtownModera Midtown
90 Peachtree Place
Residential units: 435
Floors: 29

12th and Midtown12th & Midtown
60 11th Street
Residential units: 320
Floors: 20

208 12th Street208 12th Street
Residential units: 10
Floors: 4

One Museum PlaceOne Museum Place
1301 Peachtree Street
Residential units: 44
Floors: 5

What’s going up

Seventh Midtown
867 Peachtree Street
Residential units: 20
Floors: 9
If you’re looking to buy, this is currently the only mixed-use condo building entering the market.

Azure on the Park
1020 Piedmont Avenue
Residential units: 329
Floors: 25

Alta Midtown
33 Peachtree Place
Residential units: 343
Floors: 19

Broadstone Terraces
811 Juniper Street
Residential units: 218
Floors: 8

Post Midtown Millennium
11th Street at Peachtree Walk
Residential units: 356
Floors: 25

Alta at the Park
12th Street near Piedmont Avenue
Residential units: 198
Floors: 19

880 West Peachtree Street
Residential units: 356
Floors: 22

Peachtree at 17th
Residential units: 206
Floors: 56

1270 Spring Street
Residential units: 256
Floors: TBD

1400 West Peachtree
Residential units: 356
Floors: TBD

Juniper at Fifth Street
Residential units: 158
Floors: 6

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This article originally appeared in our March 2016 issue.