Boudoir decor: Kristin Kong’s stylish master bedroom

Luxe textures give this space a little va-va-voom

Photograph by Christina Wedge

Kristin Kong’s master bedroom may have the same generic architecture as every other unit in her Norcross townhouse complex, but any similarity ends there. “I wanted something darker and more dramatic than we’d ever had before,” says the designer, who shares the home with her husband, Albert, and son, Tanner.

Bedrooms are an ideal place to experiment with something a little different from the rest of the house. Kristin’s movie-star boudoir is a study in savings and splurges, but she believes a few high-priced items are necessary for a well-functioning retreat. “I think the ‘must-haves’ for every bedroom are good-quality sheets, ambient lighting, and drapery with blackout lining,” she says. “And the design of the bedroom should focus on relaxation, since that’s where we go to unwind.”

Wallpaper as art
“I was looking through wall coverings for a client’s home, and I fell in love with this pattern—dark gray to the point that it’s almost black,” says Kristin. The wall covering is vinyl, which she recommends for durability.

Symmetry is a good thing
“I do naturally gravitate toward symmetry,” says Kristin. “I guess I like the balance of it.” To achieve this time-honored design trick, she used coordinating nightstands and the same lamps on either side of the bed, then placed small round mirrors above. “I have a weakness when it comes to mirrors,” she adds. “I love the way they reflect the light and life of a room, and I thought their placement accentuated the shape of the headboard.”

Headboard as focal point
“Sharing this bedroom with my husband, I didn’t want the design to feel too feminine,” she says. “But I do like some curves, so I added them in subtly.” Kristin’s custom headboard adds a dramatic presence to the room, but it doesn’t compete with the wallpaper. “I chose a velvet in the same color palette as the wall covering.”

Add in some contrast
Kristin mixed different metal finishes in the room for an unmatched look and chose crisp, white bed linens to offset the dark elements. To bring in a little pop, the designer added some plum pillows and a throw.