Honeycomb Studio introduces its first tabletop collection

“Plates are the ultimate in functional beauty.”
Honeycomb Studio plates
Honeycomb Studio’s 22-karat gold line of tableware, $141 for the set

Photograph by Whitney Ott

With each piece shaped by hand or cast from an original mold, Honeycomb Studio ceramics radiate an elegant simplicity. We first fell in love with the gold-and-white bud vases that Courtney Hamill created in a backyard shed behind her Westside home. As she expanded into jars, vessels, and lamps (and a studio space at Strongbox West), her products were picked up by national retailers like West Elm and Schoolhouse Electric Company. This winter Hamill introduces her first tabletop collection, seen first in Atlanta magazine. The dishes and tumblers come in classic white (with the option of two hand-drawn 22-karat gold lines) or moody black, with exterior finishes sanded and unglazed to make them feel smooth but organic. “We connect to the objects we use every day,” she says. “Plates are the ultimate in functional beauty.” Pieces start at $18 and are available individually or in sets—and for wedding registries.

This article originally appeared in our January 2017 issue.