Kitchen Innovations launches new line of floral utensils

The silicone cookware is meant to make prepwork easier
Lily spoon
Lily spoon rest and Rose cooks spoon.

Michael Gibson’s silicone kitchen utensils are the ultimate marriage of form and function. In the kitchen, Gibson often found himself delegated to menial tasks like chopping, mincing, and slicing, so the perpetual inventor (then in the swimming pool business) looked for ways to make prep easier. In 2005 he patented an innovative pastry blender and a potato masher and marketed the products to rave industry reviews, launching his company Kitchen Innovations.

Over the last 10 years he’s moved from Toronto to Atlanta and expanded the line to include other gadgets like a self-contained garlic chopper and a collapsible vegetable steamer. Products are made with high-grade silicone that will not leach chemicals, can tolerate heat up to 580 degrees, and can be dyed brighter colors than lower-quality material.

The latest? A line of graceful utensils shaped like lilies, pansies, tulips, and other flora, priced from $10 to $16. Reflecting Nature will be available this fall at the Cook’s Warehouse. Even sweeter? Part of the proceeds support nonprofits saving endangered honeybees.

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME