Laundry room, study room, art room—this farmhouse “family studio” does it all

Whip out the brushes, you can paint like Picasso in this laundry room

Room Envy

Photograph by Alea Moore

More than just a room for the washer and dryer, this multipurpose area was dubbed “the family studio” by homeowner Alea Moore, her husband, and four children. “While one person is folding laundry, another is doing homework or gift-wrapping,” she says. “It’s a place to be together even if we’re doing chores.”

Keeping it teal
“The color makes us smile every time we walk in the room,” says Alea, who chose “Weekend” from Magnolia Home for the custom cabinets.

Local lumber
Alea and her husband, A.P., salvaged red-oak logs that had fallen on their property, then took them to a local mill to turn them into the flooring and open shelves.

In sink
Alea knew a big farmhouse sink was essential for this do-all room. They use theirs for cleaning paintbrushes, washing shoes, and giving their pug a bath. The white sink matches the durable quartz countertop.

Island hopping
The family already owned the freestanding island (from local Ballard Designs), so when they built their dreamy farmhouse on five acres south of the airport, it was a no-brainer to bring it along for counter space.

A few open shelves add charm, but utilitarian rooms need closed cabinets to hide cleaning and art supplies. The Moores designed theirs to go up to the ceiling for maximum storage.

This article appears in our July 2019 issue.