Metal-frame windows are in. 5 things to know before you choose the modern staple.

They might be chic, but there are a few things you need to know

Black metal frame windows

Photograph by Ben Hirsh

Michael Ladisic of Ladisic Fine Homes Inc. shares five things to know about the popular metal-frame windows:

Make it modern
Ladisic loves to see metal doors and windows in old, traditional houses. “You can transform something formal into something more modern just by doing the openings,” he says.

Beware the seal
Areas that see lots of weather risk leaky windows. “Ideally, you’ll want them under an overhang,” says Ladisic.

Know your metals
Iron windows run around $150 per square foot. They hold up well, although iron requires painting maintenance or powder coating to protect it from rust. If you want metal windows in a wet area, such as a shower, consider a stainless-steel frame, but know it costs much more.

Worth the weight
They’re heavy. “They don’t operate as effortlessly as a regular door,” says Ladisic. “They have all these moving nuts and bolts. But this gives them a mechanical nature, which I find cool.”

Take your time
Allow four to five months from sign-off to completion.

This article appears in our Fall 2019 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.